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COMING SOON: The travel journal for out latest adventure, a trip to the Caribbean island of Dominica, should be ready by the end of May, 2006. In the meantime, you can look at the Dominica photo galleries.

Link to the Ab Initio visits the Galapagos journal
December 2005, Joel's company, Ab Initio Software Corp., goes to Santa Cruz in the Galapagos Islands for a quick 3 day site seeing trip to celebrate the company's 10th anniversity. There is a small journal with stories from the trip, and 194 photographs of tortoises, iguanas, sea lions, birds, flowers, people and other stuff.
Link to our St. Vincent and the Grenadines journal
July 2004, Daphne and Joel celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary with a two week trip to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Four nights at Petit Byahaut on St. Vincent, five nights on the sailboat Fortitude snorkling among the islands of the Grenadines, and four nights relaxing at the Petit St. Vincent resort. "Within these pages, you will read all about the trip -- the good, the bad and the ugly. You will learn all the details you need to know about the basics including sections on eating, drinking, sleeping, washing clothes and even using the toilet." Plus almost 500 wonderful pictures.
Link to our Long Trail journal
August 2003, Mother and daugther take a 100 mile trip hiking the Long Trail in Vermont. "I've become a mud connoisseur. The worst mud is when it is hard packed underneath with a thin veneer of water on the top. When you step, your foot slips out from under you since you have no traction. The second worst is the really deep mud that has a thin coating of light colored clay on top. It almost looks like it is a rock, but when you stop there you sink - SQUISH. But today we had the perfect mud. It was almost dry and chunky. When you step on it, it holds its form .... Perfect mud. I never knew there was such a thing before this trip."
Link to our Green River journal
June 2003, The family takes a four day private raft trip down the Green River in Nothwest Colorado and Utah. We are joined by Daphne's side of the family and some Clark family friends. "The Green River is a great place to be introduced to rafting. The stardard rafting trip is relatively short, only 4 days, and though there are rapids, none are particualarly dangerous. My kids had yet be on a raft trip longer than one day, so it was time."
Link to my Canyon Ranch
April 2003, Once again Donna invites her daughters to Canyon Ranch for five days of exercise, healthy food, tired muscles, massages and bonding. The girls week out, but we missed Erin who couldn't join us this time.
Link to our Mexico journal
December 2002, we head to Mexico for a family reunion. "The villa would be rented from Saturday to Saturday, but our family had to leave on Wednesday so the kids could get back to school. I told both of them that they could take a couple of days off of school, but they wouldn't. So we decided to come a couple of days early and spend a little time in Cancun."
Link to our sailing journal
July 2002, We went sailing in the Virgin Islands just the two of us. We did a lot of snorkeling. "One side of the Indians has a small channel you go through and you end up in a 'room' that has an archway about 8' or so down. The tunnel is about as long as it is deep. Huge schools of little minis glitzed about. And the coral is technicolor. A very magical spot. . ."
Link to our Hawaii journal
July 2001, We head to Hawaii for a family reunion. "The place was misty and the fern trees were dripping, though no rain actually fell. There was no view at all from the overlook as we started down. It was enchanting hiking in a rain forest with the trees dripping and mist swirling around. As we started to descend into the crater, the mists started to part. The base of the crater was steaming . . . "
Link to my Canyon Ranch journal
April 2001, Donna invites her daughter and two daughter-in-laws (c'est moi!) to Canyon Ranch, Arizona for a week of exercise, healthy food, tired muscles, massages and bonding. The girls week out!
Link to our St. Thomas journal
December 2000, Joel and I take an unexpected romatic 6 day vacation in the US Virgin Islands. "When we got to the cay we swam around to the back and, wow, it was beautiful. Probably my favorite part was the huge schools of small fish, maybe 1-3 inches long. They are glittery blue and silver. They let you swim right into their school and it is like swimming with a million jewels with the sun glinting off them . . . "
Link to our Eleuthera journal
April 2000, we rented a house in Eleuthera with some friends of ours. "As we lazed about I saw a large something jump out of the water about 30 yards past the little buoys in the bay. We debated what it might be. I was thinking it was an eagle ray, since we had seen them already and had read in one of my books that they sometimes jump out of the water. It seemed the right size. We watched the spot a bit more and found out there were actually two dolphins playing in the water . . . "
Link to our Grand Canyon journal
May-June 1999, our Grand Canyon journal describes our 18 day private rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. "I have over looked the canyon from the rim only once in my life. From the rim you see its architecture in full glory, but something of the canyon itself is missing with just this view. There is no intimacy with the canyon itself. Everything is at arms distance. Seeing it from the rim is like viewing the painting of a great master. Rafting it is like painting it yourself . . ."

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