My Background

Woven Agate Necklace I am continually torn between two different worlds; the sciences and the arts. After getting a degree in chemistry from MIT, I spent several years at Mass College of Art studying illustration. Most people that I know would just get a job in the sciences or engineering and do their art or craft as a hobby, but I've never been able to do anything half way, it is all or nothing. I tend to get obsessed with whatever I do.

In the winter of 2002 I became obsessed with beading. In not very long I was beading 60 hours a week.

I'm not sure exactly what drew me to beadwork. The work itself is very meditative, though most would call it boring. Each bead is woven individually into the piece and a complex piece can take days or even weeks to finish.

My Work

Most of what I do is off loom bead weaving with occasional wire work. Though I use several different stitches, peyote is my favorite. It allows the creation of many different forms and is very versatile.

Blue Tang Necklace I create pieces in two different ways. The first is representational. Something in my life strikes me and I try to reproduce the experience in a jewelry piece. The blue tang necklace is an example of this kind of work and is from my experiences snorkeling in the Caribbean.

The second way that I create a piece is to start with a stone or string of stones and emphasize the beauty and color of the stone itself. With the centerpiece jewelry like the one to the left, I carefully choose the color and size of seed beads to create a bezel. Then the piece grows from there. I don't plan the piece out in advance but let it grow organically; sometimes it ends up simple and sometimes much more complicated.

If you wish to see my work up close I will be showing at:

The Sign of the Dove, Porter Square, Cambridge, MA

The Clever Hand Gallery, 52 Central Street, Wellesley, MA


Judge's Choice at Arisia Art Show

Body of Work at Noreascon 4

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