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I've had requests for certain links to be put in my pages so I've created this new page to add them. In general I believe in a web page with content not just a bunch of links, but hey surfing is fun too. If I'm missing a link that you think belongs here or if a link doesn't work please let me know.

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Info links

Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association
Sue and Bob Marley's Grand Canyon Private Boaters Page, lots of info and trips
Dooley's River Trip Page, lots of trips
SNAFU Cronicles, 1995 Trip
Paul and Nanny's Rafting Page, 1995 Trip
Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon Weather Page
Grand Canyon Temperature Charts
Hydrological data, Lake Powell

Stores or commercial services

Canyon REO, provides services for private trips (shuttles, food, etc), we used them for our groover.
Northwest River Supplies, where we got our Ultra Float life jackets
Wyoming River Raiders, never used them but they look nice
Totem Paddle Sport Center, never used them but they look nice online
Sequel Outdoor Clothing, sells desert clothing and where we got our hats
Otterbox, sells waterproof small boxes which we used to carry our vitamins. Our camera case was a Pelican case.
Advanced Composite Fabrics sells Kevlar and fiberglass to build kayaks. They host our site. Thanks a million.


Joel and I took two different river guides with us: "Colorado River in Grand Canyon : A Comprehensive Guide to Its Natural and Human History" by Larry Stevens(Editor) and "Grand Canyon River Guide" by Buzz Belknap. Both had information that the other didn't. Stevens's was probably the most useful since it showed all the campsites and how big they were. It also showed all the major faults in the area if you are into geology. Belknap's had great contour information and told the drop of every rapid (though not really useful information it was fun info to know). Each included some places the other didn't, i.e. Belknap has the Bridge of Sighs and Stevens's has the Book of Worms. If you only get one get Stevens's.

I also brought several books on the Grand Canyon down with me. After I read them they got passed around. Probably the most passed around was "Canyon Solitude : A Woman's Solo River Journey Through the Grand Canyon" by Patricia C. McCairen. Which is about, as one would suspect from the title, Patricia's solo trip down the Grand. Our only complaint was it was just a little whiny. Despite that, it was probably one of the best books to read while actually going down the canyon since it gives you a different flavor of each of the places. Especially since you have either just passed the places she writes about or you will see them soon.

The next favorite book to read on the river was "Downcanyon : A Naturalist Explores the Colorado River Through Grand Canyon" by Ann Haymond Zwinger. I loved this book, but it was definately not a light read. Some wanted to wait until after the trip was over until they read it. Ann Zwinger spent several years down in the canyon during different seasons doing research. This book is about her experiences, from researching the eagles in the air to the fish in the river.

I brought two others that I didn't share since I didn't finish them. "A Canyon Voyage : Narrative of the Second Powell Expedition Down the Green-Colorado River from Wyoming..." by Frederick S. Dellenbaugh was a good book. I liked it more than Powell's book (which I didn't read this trip) because it was historically accurate. "The best of Grand Canyon nature notes 1926-1935" was the other book I didn't finish. I enjoyed reading it, but it was definately not the most enthralling of books. It is a collection of notes from the rangers of the Grand Canyon. Some were little tidbits and some more extensive.

I had bought a geology book to bring. Since IMHO it is the best kind of book to read during a raft trip. But unfortunately I couldn't find it before the trip and it didn't get packed. I still haven't read it. I just can't get into such books unless I'm there in person. But if your interested the book was "Grand Canyon Geology" by Stanley S. Beus(Editor) and Michael Morales (Editor). If you read it tell me if it is any good.

Those were all the books I brought. As you can tell I like books. At home my favorite is "Writing Down the River : Into the Heart of the Grand Canyon" by Kathleen Jo Ryan(Producer). It has 15 separate stores of different women's experiences on the river, and some excellent photography. It is a beautiful coffee table book.

Though I haven't read it yet, "The Hidden Canyon" by Edward Abbey with photos by John Blaustein certainly looks beautiful. And I confess to being an Edward Abbey fan.

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