Rafting the Grand Canyon

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We have a total of 800 different pictures which can be accessed through this website. The pictures are organized into 18 galleries, one for each day.

Each gallery can be view in different formats by selecting a "style" at the top of each page. We have posted the original images (which are 1.5 megapixels -- its was only 1999, after all), plus a number of smaller sizes for convient viewing. You can also order prints directly from the galleries, or comment on individual pictures.

All images are (c) Copyright 1999 by Daphne and Joel Gould. All Rights Reserved. If you are interested in using one of our images, just send us an email. We usually grant permission for any reasonable purpose.

Link to May 25th/26th gallery

May 25-26, Mile 0-11

(25 pics) In Delores, At the Put-in, Camp at Lees Ferry, Badger Creek Rapid, Soup Creek Hike, etc.

Link to May 27th gallery

May 27, Mile 11-27

(41 pics) Camp at Soap Creek, House Rock Rapid, North Canyon Hike, 24 1/2 Mile Rapid, Shinumo Wash Hike, etc.

Link to May 28th gallery

May 28, Mile 32-47

(63 pics) Camp at South Canyon, South Canyon Hike, Vasey's Paradise Stop, Redwall Cavern Stop, Nautiloid Canyon Hike, Camp at Saddle Canyon, etc.

Link to May 29th gallery

May 29, Mile 47-52

(33 pics) Saddle Canyon Hike, Nankoweap Canyon Hike, Camp at Nankoweap Canyon, etc.

Link to May 30th gallery

May 30, Mile 61-65

(24 pics) Little Colorado Stop, Lava Canyon Hike, Camp at Lava Canyon, etc.

Link to May 31st gallery

May 31, Mile 65-72

(29 pics) Camp at Lava Canyon, Hike above Tanner Rapid, Hike near Cardenas Creek, Unkar Delta Hike, etc.

Link to June 1st gallery

June 1, Mile 76-87

(47 pics) Camp below Nevills Rapid, Hance Rapid, Clear Creek Hike, Cremation Creek Camp, etc.

Link to June 2nd gallery

June 2, Mile 87-98

(23 pics) Phantom Ranch Stop, Horn Creek Rapid, Hermit Rapid, Camp at Crystal Creek, etc.

Link to June 3rd gallery

June 3, Mile 98-109

(22 pics) Camp at Crystal Creek, Crystal Creek Rapid, Stop below Bass Canyon, Shinumo Creek Hike, etc.

Link to June 4th gallery

June 4, Mile 110-125

(68 pics) Elves Chasm Hike, Blacktail Canyon Hike, Camp at Fossil Canyon, etc.

Link to June 5th gallery

June 5, Mile 125-133

(57 pics) Camp at Fossil Canyon, Stop at the Doll House, Stone Creek Hike, Waiting at Stone Creek, Camp above Tapeats Creek, etc.

Link to June6th gallery

June 6, Mile 133-136

(77 pics) Camp above Tapeats Creek, Tapeats Creek Stop, Stop at the Christmas Tree Cave, Deer Creek Hike, Waiting at Deer Creek, etc.

Link to June7th gallery

June 7, Mile 137-150

(77 pics) Camp below Deer Creek, Stop at 140 Mile Canyon, Kanab Creek Hike, Matkatamiba Canyon Hike, Camp below Upset Rapid, etc.

Link to June 8th gallery

June 8, Mile 150-173

(82 pics) Camp below Upset Rapid, Havasu Canyon Hike, Fern Glen Hike, etc.

Link to June 9th gallery

June 9, Mile 174-194

(46 pics) Camp at Cove Canyon, Lava Falls Rapid, Whitmore Wash Hike, Camp above 194 Mile Canyon, etc.

Link to June 10th gallery

June 10, Mile 194-209

(28 pics) Camp above 194 Mile Canyon, Parashant Wash Hike, Spring Canyon Hike, Camp at Granite Park, etc.

Link to June 11th gallery

June 11, Mile 209-222

(46 pics) Camp at Granite Park, Granite Park Canyon Hike, Pumpkin Springs Stop, Camp at 222 Mile Canyon, etc.

Link to June 12th/13th gallery

June 12-13, Mile 222-226

(11 pics) Camp at 222 Mile Canyon, At the Take-out, Back in Delores, etc.

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