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Orienteering Introduction

--> Results and pictures from the 2007 Pawtuckaway Canoe-O meet are here!

Our family belongs to three orienteering clubs, USOF, the United States Orienteering Federation, NEOC, the New England Orienteering Club, and UNO, Up North Orienteers. Every year we set the canoe-O course at the annual UNO family camping weekend in September.

Joel, Daphne and Beth were all nationally ranked orienteers in 1996, and all of us in 1998. You can see our 1996 results and our 1998 results. OK so we aren't olympic champions. We still have fun.

Beth and Ben's Awards
Our kids did great at the 1998 NEOC club championships. Beth and Ben both got first place in their categories.

If you have never orienteered before and are interested in a good book on the subject, get the classic:
Be Expert With Map & Compass : The Complete Orienteering Handbook by Bjorn Kjellstrom.
I actually have two versions of this book. The original, published in 1955 and the most recent.

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